In order for the FreeMe Wildlife rehabilitation centre to remain sustainable, render the expert care for which it is renowned, and expand in line with the growing demand for the rehabilitation of wildlife strategic initiatives, partnerships and donations are critical.

We receive donations in many ways including those special members of the public who rescue an animal in need of our care and bring it to our centre at Paulshof, all of whom give of their time and fuel costs but many who also make a cash donation whilst delivering their rescued animal.

In May and June we received 112 donations linked to such admissions ranging from R10 (some lovely people jump into the car and rush their rescued animal to us without even picking up their hand bag or wallet and contribute the “parking change” they have in the car door pocket) to an exceptional R 1000.

Every single donation is appreciated, that R10 change for example will feed and treat a Mouse Bird for a day which is a life saver for that little bird. Like all super heroes many of these donors are a little shy so we have listed them by first name and initial – you know who you are!

Benefactors For The Month of  June 2015:

FreeMe wishes to thank the following people, whose generosity is much appreciated:

FreeMe Benefactors May and June 2015


Getting Involved: 

There are so many ways to get involved and support the work that we do. Here are a few options and ideas, your support is appreciated.

  • Volunteer your time and skills to the ongoing work at the centre.
  • Swipe a ‘MyVilage/MyPlanet/MySchool’ card to benefit FreeMe. Please note, you may have a number of beneficiaries on one card. For more information or to update your beneficiaries please visit
  • An electronic transfer may be made to FreeMe Wildlife, please contact us by email for our banking details
  • SMS “FREEME” to 38079 to donate R10 per sms
  • Subscribe to our on-line magazine here.
  • Expecting a gift for a celebration?  Ask your loved ones to rather make a donation in lieu of a gift, we will gladly provide a printable voucher to put into a card.
  • Check out our wishlist for items you may have or be able to purchase, that we will need at the centre.
  • Sponsor an animal species with a monthly or annual donation
  • E-mail awareness campaign – copy and paste the banner below into your e-mail signature to spread awareness of FreeMe and the causes we support….
  • Pick up a collection tin from FreeMe and see how quickly you can fill it at your school, place of work, etc…

Please note: donations to FreeMe are tax deductable – contact us by e-mail for section 18A receipts, every little bit helps!

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